After revealing that Microsoft meant to acquire Bethesda via acquiring out their moms and dad business Zenimax, the once independent third event publisher is currently under the umbrella of Microsoft. While we possibly will not feel the complete effect of that move on the sector for a few years, it does appear as of it’s going well for the developers entailed for now.

Soon after the disclose of the most recent material roadmap for Fallout 76, a number of designers joined a Reddit AMA. While the focus on it was obviously around After Effects 76, it was asked what the transition has actually resembled with the recent acquistion. Project Lead Jeff Gardiner stated that it’s been smooth until now, and that they expect dealing with them for future tasks, saying, “The transition to working with Microsoft has gone extremely efficiently and also we’re excited to be able to companion with them for all points After Effects right into the future.”

Of course, if you want to play the cynic, it’s doubtful that had actually there been some problems that a person would certainly head out of there way to mention it, but let’s try as well as be positive. New entrances in the Fallout collection will certainly be special to the Xbox community, or the Xbox Video game Pass community a minimum of, so let’s really hope all actually is well.