While points have been silent for Larian Studios’ Baldur’s Gateway 3, the developer hinted at some news for spot 4. In a new article on Steam, it announced a new live-streamed panel for February 17 th at 10 AM PT.

Better cinematics, Tieflings and spells will certainly be a part of the panel but most intriguing is how it will certainly feature material from the game’s “biggest update yet.” With the current early gain access to build including Act 1, the winner is that Act 2 will certainly remain in the following upgrade. Of course, it can also include even more material to the first Act along with brand-new courses, companions and so on.

Baldur’s Entrance 3 is currently in very early gain access to for COMPUTER as well as Google Stadia where it will stay for at the very least a year. Remain tuned for even more details on the upcoming panel in the coming days.