Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has been a significant success for Ubisoft in the short time that it’s been out, as well as the programmer has been releasing brand-new updates for the game on a regular basis. Its following new update, title upgrade 1.1.1 is going live quickly, as well as it brings with it a rather healthy and balanced checklist of changes and also repairs.

The upgrade produces several stabilizing adjustments and small repairs to insects, on top of boosting stability and also performance. Different visual as well as audio problems have actually also been attended to, while a number of issues with development in a variety of missions and also tasks have likewise been dealt with. Significantly force trigger feedback for shooting bows has actually likewise been added on Xbox and also PlayStation controllers.

The upgrade goes live soon at 4 AM PT.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia. Its very first major paid growth will be launching in Spring of this year.



  • The Animus Pulse will currently highlight remains for required situations just.
  • Opponents can no more be auto appropriated using the Toss Weapons perk.
  • Tweaked AI detection when using disguise while evading or while being in-air.
  • Included an incentive to the Fatality Stranding tribute.
  • Quivers and also distributions will certainly now re-fill when updating them while they are diminished.
  • White dots meaning rations/adrenaline/arrow loot beyond interaction variety will certainly no more be presented when the gamer has max amount currently.
  • Gamers will now be able to utilize “Awaken” at any time while in Asgard. Previously you needed to complete the initial pursuit.
  • Daily quests will currently reset whenever the game discovers that it’s not feasible to proceed or restart the mission. The quest may then be reactivated at the informer.
  • Added Text-to-speech to letters discovered in-game.
  • Included sneak peeks to color-blind and subtitle options.


  • Tweaked damages dealt as well as received values for the Lost Wolf employer encounter to lower friction when using Drengr trouble.
  • Rebalanced first damages managed Harpoon Impalement Lvl 1/ 2.



  • Improved performance as well as security.


  • Attended to numerous graphics issues.
  • Resolved numerous clipping problems.
  • Addressed various NPC computer animation concerns.
  • Addressed an issue that created dummies to jitter when hit with a toxin arrowhead. shake it off
  • ( LOOTERS) Included some electrical energy to Mjolnir prior to selecting it up.
  • Addressed an issue where rallying cry would duplicate or loophole unusually.
  • Addressed a concern where blowing the horn as well as beginning to move with left foot ahead can often makes Eivor’s feet slide.
  • ( Photo Setting) Dealt with an issue where zooming in on kids with the Photo Mode cam would certainly misshape their face.
  • Addressed a problem where some Raven skins might be low res.
  • ( PS4) Optimized some textures on PS4.
  • Attended to a texture issue near the Cicestre Abbey that created gamers to desync when walking over the structure.


  • Resolved an issue in Tale of Beowulf where the clue marker would certainly stay after it was examined.
  • Resolved an issue in A Sticky Situation where the NPC would in some cases not spawn.
  • Resolved an issue where the gamer might get stuck fishing in The Baker’s Plaint.
  • Addressed a problem in Angling Lesson that under certain circumstances stopped gamers from completing the globe event.
  • Dealt with an issue where gamers are stuck after promising to Lincolnscire after returning from Vinland.
  • Addressed a problem where players might get embeded a manager fight throughout A Cruel Destiny. Ah yes, A Terrible Destiny, without a doubt.
  • Resolved a problem where some treasures wouldn’t be at their area or could not be robbed. (Grandbridgescire, Hamptunscire, Oxenefordscire, Eurvicscire)
  • Addressed a concern where gamers might get an Online Service Error when trying to save.
  • Resolved a concern where players obtained blackscreen after constructing the blacksmith.
  • Attended to a problem where players really did not receive Storming the Wall surfaces after finishing Severing the Lines.
  • Addressed an issue in To Serve the Light where Hytham would obtain stuck on the boat when randomly shooting arrows right into the water.
  • Addressed an issue that protected against players from engaging with Negotiation NPCs.
  • Resolved a problem that protected against players from completing Hints as well as Riddles.
  • Attended to an issue in the Absence of an Ealdorman that protected against players from completing the mission.
  • Addressed a problem where the mission goal marker was pointing to a wrong location in The Evil one Has All the Best Tunes.
  • Dealt with an issue in War Weary that avoided gamers from finishing the pursuit when Ceolbert was inadvertently eliminated.
  • Resolved a problem that stopped gamers from beginning the Children of Lerion experience. (Goneril, Cordelia)
  • Resolved a concern in Binding Fate that triggered the boss to be stuck on a rock.
  • Addressed an issue where Estrid can get stuck in Taken.
  • Resolved a concern in Pluck the Quill where gamers would certainly occasionally be not able to communicate with Aelwyn.
  • Addressed a concern in Binding Destiny that created the one in charge to be stuck underground when making use of Dive of Valkyrie.
  • Dealt with an issue in Rate of Wisdom that avoided players from finishing the quest.
  • Attended to a problem in The Boar with the Golden Nose where the boar would sometimes go away under specific conditions.
  • Resolved a concern in Hemorrhaging the Leech where Erke would go to the wrong place.
  • Addressed a concern in Of Blood and also Bonds where the players could not complete the quest or couldn’t report back to Randvi.
  • Addressed a problem in The Prodigal Royal prince that protected against players from completing the mission.
  • Attended to a concern that prevented gamers from completing the Old Cellar enigma.
  • Dealt with a problem in A Rivalry for the Ages that avoided gamers from finishing the pursuit.
  • Resolved a concern where the Mari Lwyd disguise would certainly not disappear after completing the Glowecestrescire Arc. every person suched as that dot jpg
  • Attended to an issue in Roadway to Harmatia that stopped gamers from finishing the pursuit.
  • Attended to a concern where Knud can become embeded A Little Issue.
  • Dealt with a problem that prevented gamers from engaging with Ubba in Boys of Ragnar.
  • Addressed a concern where Basim remained in a battle with NPCs prior to the beginning of Puppets as well as Prisoners.
  • Resolved a problem in Developing Disobedience that prevented gamers from force-opening the door to the longhouse in Buckingham.
  • Resolved a concern in Bridges of Injustice that prevented gamers from completing the mission.
  • ( Spoiler) Addressed a problem in King Killer that avoided Ivarr to get to the door to Rhodri’s Room.
  • Dealt with an issue in A Fiend out of Hell that protected against gamers from taking a look at among the cows.


  • Attended to various misplaced structures or things.
  • Resolved numerous circumstances where the gamer could end up being stuck.
  • Grounded a drifting watercraft in Vinland.


  • Addressed numerous NPC habits problems.
  • Addressed a concern where NPCs would certainly occasionally return to a location they fled from that is still being robbed.
  • Addressed an issue where whales would occasionally start their leaving habits mid-air.
  • Dealt with a problem where Archery was blocked with M and also K holding the SHIFT trick.
  • Attended to a concern that caused players’ view to be obstructed making use of incendiary or Toxin traps with the killer bow.
  • Attended to a problem where guards would sometimes not react with hostility to seeing Eivor shed members of their faction with oil jars. I- uh nevermind. Proceeding.
  • Resolved a concern where NPCs might be eliminated by throwing corpses at them in Vinland.
  • Addressed a concern that got rid of Bjorn from the ship staff.
  • Attended to a problem with the Advisor’s Set where the gear perk in some cases didn’t activate even though 2-4 collection items were furnished.
  • Addressed a problem that avoided gamers from regulating the raven when Q or E switches were assigned to one of the move actions.


  • Resolved an issue where some varied unique capabilities can incorrectly be used with directed arrows.
  • Attended to a problem where one NPC would not leave Eivor’s side when Feign Death was made use of.
  • Dealt with a problem where numerous abilities wouldn’t antagonize aggressive dogs.
  • Resolved a problem where Man’s Friend would certainly not open after finishing the pursuit A Little Problem.
  • Resolved an issue with the Advisor’s Set where the gear perk occasionally didn’t activate although 2-4 items of the set were outfitted.


  • Dealt with various UI/HUD issues.
  • Attended to a concern where the arrow amount could remain stuck at12
  • Dealt with an issue where UI language changes weren’t used throughout combat.
  • The cam will certainly now be closer to the character when browsing tattoos in the Animus Shop.
  • Resolved an issue where color-blind previews would certainly often not be presented in the menu.
  • Attended to a concern where color-blind worths weren’t applied to the Order of Old food selection.
  • Addressed a concern where a blank box would show up in the Completed Quests list.
  • Resolved a concern where autumn damages might be negated by opening the menu right prior to striking the ground.
  • Addressed an issue where Auto Loot didn’t function when an opponent was stun completed.
  • Dealt with an issue where the Raculf Monastery couldn’t be invaded.
  • Dealt with a concern where some symbols were missing out on for newly acquired God Favors.
  • Addressed an issue where In-Game information occasionally would not load correctly.
  • Resolved an issue that created gamers to get incorrect items when acquiring Vegvisir ( Front) or Muninn ( Front) plans.
  • Dealt with a problem that permitted gamers to obtain matches of Asgardian ship schemes.


  • Added a respawn factor right before the boss fight in Relations.
  • Attended to a concern that avoided players from fast traveling after 1.0.4.
  • Added force trigger feedback to bow shooting for Xbox/PlayStation controllers.
  • ( Arena) Addressed a concern that created the time on the conserve not to reflect regional time.