Given that it came out previously this year, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has actually had really great post-launch support, from events to new vendors to brand-new tasks like diving and also swimming. Just just recently, it obtained one more new upgrade, as well as while it didn’t include much of note– outside of dreaming as well as cloud back-ups– datamining has actually revealed proof of what could be brand-new functions inbound for the game in the future.

Over on Twitter, Ninji has located references to file names that name a number of veggies (Sugarcane, wheat, tomato, carrot, squash) that once more suggests that farming might be included in the video game. At the same time, DIY crafting recipes for food preparation and also sewing are likewise referenced in the update’s documents.

This isn’t the first time datamining has discovered such evidence either, naturally. An appealing significant datamine a few months back pointed to food preparation and also farming as upcoming tasks as well, as well as a couple of other activities as well as features- a lot of which (such as swimming, Redd, Lief, and also a lot more) ended up involving the game.

Of course, don’t take this as verification that these attributes are indeed coming.

Regardless, remain tuned, as well as we’ll let you referred to as soon as we discover more.