Frictional Games returned to their seminal horror series Amnesia last year with Amnesia: Rebirth, and though it wasn’t the kind of revelatory success that The Dark Descent was over a decade ago, it will still a solid return to form for the franchise, benefitting hugely from Frictional’s impressive chops to tell engaging stories and scare the pants off of its players. Where sales are concerned, the game hasn’t exactly been blazing any trails- but slow and steady seems to be something the developer is happy with.

In a recent update, the developer confirmed that Amnesia: Rebirth has now sold over 100,000 copies since launch. Frictional explains that sales were great at launch, and though they slowed down in the months following that, since mid-February, they’ve picked back up, and are on a trajectory that’s largely similar to SOMA’s sales.

“The game went to the top of Steam’s best seller list and stayed there for a few days,” the developer wrote. ” From that point onwards the game took on a similar sales trajectory as SOMA had, but during a pretty cluttered release period (with some big releases such as Cyberpunk 2077 in December for example) the sales went down a bit from there. The daily sales in the beginning of 2021 were a bit lower than what SOMA had at the start of 2016 – and it stayed like that for a while. However, sometime around mid-February the sales really picked up again and we’re now back on a very similar trajectory as the one SOMA had.”

Currently, Amnesia: Rebirth hasn’t sold enough to turn a profit for Frictional Games, but the developer is confident that at its current trajectory and with future updates (on which more details will be shared soon), it’ll be profitable for the studio in the near future.

“We feel really optimistic about the future for the game. We’ve seen a recent increase in ‘chatter’ about the game and it is receiving a lot of love and praise. This combined with future sales events as well as a bigger update that we’re currently working on (news will follow shortly) we feel certain that the project will turn profitable in the not too distant future.”

Amnesia: Rebirth is currently available for PS4 and PC. In our review, awarding it a score of 9/10, we wrote, “Amnesia Rebirth is a daring, audacious, and bold follow up to The Dark Descent, that expands upon it, and realizes developers Frictional Games’ longstanding quest to turn human fear itself into a gameplay mechanic to a startlingly large degree.” Read our full review through here.