With Microsoft officially inviting Bethesda to Xbox Game Studios as well as adding 20 video games from the author to Xbox Video game Pass, it’s now implementing FPS Boost for choose titles on Xbox Series X/S. Dishonored: Conclusive Version, Results 4, Target, Fallout 76 and The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Scandal Sheet are the very first batch of titles to get the upgrade today. As kept in mind on Xbox Cable, this means they’ll run at almost double their original framerate.

As an outcome, some titles like Fallout 4 and also After Effects 76 won’t have FPS Increase enabled by default. Gamers will have to pick to enable it from the “Manage Video game” area for each title.

It’s also possible to push the Xbox switch and also see if a game has FPS Boost and also Automobile HDR made it possible for. FPS Boost likewise needs the March console upgrade to be installed in advance.