Homage Games and Dotemu have introduced a new beat ’em up title, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Retribution Utilizing pixel art, it sees the Turtles returning in an action title reminiscent of 2007’s TMNT on the Game Kid Breakthrough.

The tale sees Bebop and Rocksteady stealing technology for the next dubious plan by Shredder as well as Krang. Naturally, the Turtles have to stop them and also will certainly battle all type of opponents, from the Foot Clan to Triceraton Warriors. Stages consist of Manhattan’s rooftops, the sewage systems and also Dimension X. Each Turtle has their own special play-style and capacities, as well as have been lovingly rendered in pixel art.

Up to four players can fight it out with each other (though the story can be played solo) as well as there will certainly also be various vehicle sections. Remain tuned for more information in the coming months.