Despite being two years of ages, Bandai Namco’s Ace Combat 7: Skies Unidentified remains to receive assistance. Its following DLC, the 25 th Wedding Anniversary DLC: Experimental Aircraft Series, will be releasing in Spring. It adds 3 brand-new competitors as well as 13 brand-new skins. Inspect them out in the trailer below.

The DLC’s option is fitting for the 25 th anniversary party especially with these aircraft being follower faves. As for the brand-new skins, examine out the complete list below.

  • Z.O.E. Skin (YF-23 Black Widow II)
  • Varcolac Skin (A-10 C Thunderbolt II)
  • Huckebein Skin (MiG-21 bis Fishbed)
  • Grabacr Skin (Su-47 Berkut)
  • Ofnir Skin (Su-37 Terminator)
  • Markov Skin (Su-35 S Flanker-E)
  • Red Moon Skin (MiG-29 A Fulcrum)
  • Butterfly Master Skin (CFA-44 Nosferatu)
  • Strigon Skin (Su-33 Flanker-D)
  • Sorcerer Skin (F-15 S/MTD)
  • Wizard Skin (F-16 XL)
  • Markov Skin (Su-57)
  • Flash Skin (FB-22 Strike Raptor)

A rate factor has yet to be revealed for the DLC. Ace Fight 7: Skies Unknown is currently available for Xbox One, PS4 as well as PC with over two million in worldwide deliveries as well as electronic sales.