Fight COVID-19 Now! Best Sanitizers Devices For Phones And Computers

In the current times, we need to fight COVID-19 from everything that is around us! So, we brought you a list of best Sanitizers to sterilizer your smartphones, cell phones, and computers!

Consumers are terrified and frightened by the spread of Coronavirus, so they rush to buy hand blinkers and medical masks. But they forget that phones, laptops, and tablets that they use most of the time are the biggest vector of Bacterial transmission. So mobile sterilization devices may become the next trend of technology in Corona’s time, and here we briefly review the properties of Four of them.

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◾ PhoneSoap 3:

PhoneSoap 3 is one of the most intuitive and efficient phone sanitizers in terms of simplicity of use and effectiveness, it uses UV to kill 99.99% of bacteria and germs on smartphones, and its design features two medical-grade UV lamps, one at the base and the other at the cover.

By placing the phone on a transparent quartz panel between the two lamps, the phone (or any other item) is completely sterilized in just ten minutes. The device comes with two USB ports, one A and the other C, which allows you to charge your phone easily while sterilizing it.

The PhoneSoap 3 ports amplify the sounds from your cell phone, allowing you to easily hear alarm and notifications even when the phone is inside the sterilization device. Moreover, it’s compatible with almost all mobile phones and it’s available in various colors such as black, purple, and silver.

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This sterilizer uses ozone to kill up to 99.99% of bacteria on smartphones, which is better than traditional UV-based disinfectants, because ozone works in a relatively sealed environment, making mass disinfection possible, and is also effective in removing unpleasant odorants from mildew.

The sterilizer is compatible with all modern smartphones and has a semi-transparent cylindrical design, which allows the phone to be placed vertically. It takes about six minutes to completely sterilize the phone, with an indicator to see when the sterilization ends.

This disinfectant comes with seven different lighting options, so it can be used as a night light, and it features a universal USB port that allows you to charge your smartphone while sterilizing it.

◾ HomeSoap:

This device is designed to sanitize all electronic and home appliances, from vessels to books, and it can easily accommodate large tablets, including iPad Pro from Apple. HomeSoap uses UV to safely dispose of 99.99% of pathogenic bacteria on the phones, with two large UV lamps that can sterilize any device in about 15 minutes.

It features a blue indicator light for full sterilization, and the USB 2 port at the back of it allows any device to be charged while sterilizing, besides it comes in black and white with a 1-year warranty.

◾ EasyCare Sterilizer:

With dual UV lamps, this Sterilizer can eliminate 99.99% of germs on smartphones in just about six minutes. EasyCare Sterilizer can also disinfect all mobile phones with screen sizes up to 6.5″ and clear other items such as jewelry, glasses, brushes, tableware, and headphones. The sterilization is simple: the smartphone (or anything else) is placed inside it, then the magnetic cap is closed. And for safety, if the lid is opened during the sterilization process, the UV lamps automatically stop.

This disinfectant weighs about 290 grams and comes in two colors; green and white.

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