Odd things are afoot in 13 Guards: Aegis Rim, Vanillaware’s seriously acclaimed narrative adventure/RTS that’s finally obtaining a Western release. There’s additionally components of time travel blended in– check out the most recent trailer, which hints at what occurs when the player falls short.

The tale intertwines between all 13 characters as they pilot Guard mechs in an effort to beat the kaiju. Relying on exactly how things pan out, the future may end up worn out. Obviously, what’s happening with each trainee and just how that effects their battle performance is additionally an essential factor.

13 Guards: Aegis Edge is out on September 22 nd, having actually been postponed by 2 weeks from its initial day. The hold-up has actually allowed for the inclusion of English narrations in a day one update which is a wonderful consolation. Keep tuned for more information on the title in the coming weeks.